Taking Friendship to the Next Level

Did you know that much of the success or failure of a first date is determined before you even set foot into the restaurant? It is true! Sure, you have probably heard all about the real or perceived pitfalls that may be encountered during the awkwardness that is a first date, but much of this can be dealt with at the onset, leaving you breathing easier, knowing what to expect, and even opening yourself up for some pleasant surprises!

First and foremost, does your date know he is going on a date? Granted, this sounds rather odd, but given that in today’s society friendships between the genders are not surprising and indeed becoming quite commonplace, it is not unheard of that a date might think he is simply enjoying a nice meal with his friend, while she is looking at the whole affair as a first date. Thus, it is imperative to communicate to your friend that you want to take him out on a date – especially if there has never been any kind of romance between you!

Assuming that you are the one doing the “asking out,” be prepared to pick the restaurant and also to pay the bill. Sure, you might feel awkward about paying for a date – many women do – but it is only fair for the instigator of the date to also carry the couple through financially.

Pay close attention to the way you dress. Do not wear clothes that do not fit with your usual style. For example, if you are the t-shirt and jeans kind of gal, do not suddenly break out the stiletto heels that will only cause your feet to hurt. Similarly, unless you have a usual way of risqué dressing, a first date is not the time or place for suddenly wearing something so skimpy that it will leave your date drooling. Your friend might feel very uncomfortable if he suddenly has to work hard to keep his mind out of the gutter around you.

As you can see, there are a number of steps to take before you even head out the door that will either spell success or disaster for your first date. Following this little survival guide will head off some of the biggest mistakes and reasons why a sudden sense of awkwardness sets in. So go ahead, keep it stress free and enjoy yourself! Who knows, you might be going out with Mr. Right!