Sharon and Nadine Had a One of a Kind Friendship

Is it necessary for me to be here?” Grace asked as she rubbed her eyes. It had been a sleepless night. Josh had been up 3 times last night with a belly ache and she didn’t get back to sleep after the second time he woke up. She even tried to have him just lay on his belly but the six year old didn’t like sleeping that way.

“As necessary as it is for the rest of us”, Sharon said sarcastically. Sharon was Grace’s closest friend and had been there many a time Grace needed a shoulder to cry on. Not once did Sharon chastise her to toughen up or offer some quick fix magazine advice and Grace loved her for it.

Sharon and Grace started their paperwork. They both worked for a non-profit organization that helped give needy families formula and food for the first five years of the baby’s life. It was a living.

After what seemed like 50 phone calls and not enough paperwork in the out box, they went to lunch.

The local Chinese restaurant was a couple buildings down so they went in hoping to get a quick bite to eat. Each of them ordered when the waiter came and started chatting easily.

“Listen, Sharon, I have something to tell you,” Grace said quietly. Sharon’s eyes got big and said “Just spit it out, we haven’t been friends this long for you to be this nervous about something, just let it out.”

“Okay, here it is. I’m putting in my two weeks notice today. I want to be a writer. I’ll have one extra paycheck to help with my bills but I have to do this for me. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll find some other kind of job so Leon and I can make it, I will, but I’m just over the rat race and phone calls and daycare. The hardest part is leaving you, Sharon. I need your blessing.”

Sharon had slowly digested what Grace said and a well of emotions went through her. She knew Grace wasn’t happy with her job but who was? It was unrealistic to think that making a living would provide us with happiness but she hadn’t realized how just how much it had bothered her. It was time for Grace to take a risk and it looked like writing was going to be it.

“You’re just saying that so I’ll buy lunch!” Sharon joked and the intensity of the moment passed.

The waiter served their Kung Pao Chicken and Pork Chop Suey specials and left without a word to each of them because he was so busy with orders. He did smile and nod though and that’s all that was needed from him. They both started eating happy for the distraction.

Sharon let out a deep sigh and Grace saw her eyes were glistening. “I’m going to miss you so much! she said, but you have to take your path and reach for your dream. If you need help with little Joshie you let me know okay?” Sharon said.

Grace had her blessing. Her friend had came through for her again.

Grace said, “And I’M buying, dear friend, you can buy when my first story is published!”

“Which will be about me, of course!” Sharon joked.

They both laughed, finished their lunch and headed back to work. Off to make their living.