How to Pick Up Women – For Men Only

Well I got your attention. I will not disappoint.

The first thing you have to do is decide to put your game together. It all starts with who you are. Why will women be attracted to you?

What are your strengths? Are you a great dancer? Do you have a great Physique? Can you sing or have great humor? You must have some quality or aspect about yourself to attract women.

pick up women

Now, more importantly what are your weaknesses or blemishes? Are you overweight? Do you have nothing to say in a conversation? Are you humorless? You need to figure out how to turn your weaknesses in to strengths. Such as your horrible voice into humor. You have to be confident with yourself to make yourself attractive to women. If you are ashamed of your weight or uncomfortable it will be difficult for you to be attractive to women. Women will overlook anything you overlook or transform into a strength.

The five most important aspects to understand about attracting women are as follows:

1. Honesty. It sounds crazy but being honest works better than some one-liner that shouts, “I’m an idiot – get away from me”. When you approach a woman be honest about your intention. Tell her you saw her, you thought she was attractive and you wanted to find out what else was there beyond her looks. A woman will respond to this approach because it is direct and confident. If she talks to you, she is interested. It is that simple. What determines how committed she becomes to pursuing it further is what you say next. Ask several questions. Don’t talk about yourself unless asked and if that happens keep it brief. This is not about you it is about her.

2. Be a Great Listener. This is not to deceive the woman but to engage her into further pursuit. Ask her questions about herself and listen to what she tells you. She will give you all the answers. If you want to pursue her further you have to understand what she wants. The answers will lead you to ask more questions which in turn shows her you are not a selfish person. If you listen it will help you determine if this woman is suited for you. It is a natural function for human beings to like and be inclined to like people that spend time getting to know about them. The more you get to know the easier it is to build a conversation. You don’t have to be a great conversationalist to achieve a great conversation. A woman will feel good about herself if you are listening and paying attention to her sincerely.

3. Have some Charm, Charisma, Wit or appropriate Humor. Listening to her answers will give you enough information to input humor or some personal charm into the conversation. The charisma comes into play by asking her to dance, or talking about her favorite books or movies that happen to be comedies,etc. Your personality counts. Try to think about her answers and how you can respond to her with further conversation based on the information she provided.

4. Adventure/Challenge. Try to get her committed to a challenge or adventure on the spot. That could be a dance contest, a singing contest, a slow dance, leaving where you are at to go watch the sun set, etc. There are so many adventure ideas. It is a good idea to prepare yourself with dozens of options based on different kinds of people. But the adventure or challenge seals the commitment. It makes them choose to spend time with you separate from their friends or comfort zone. Try not to bluntly suggest ideas that sound like you are trying to lure her away to kill her. The idea is to get her to feel comfortable with you so it presents an opportunity for you to spend some time with her. This is where charisma, charm, and humor can become great opportunities for you to get to know each other and take the discomfort away.

5. This is an odds game. I don’t mean go up to every woman you ever meet and try to pick them up. Just understand that defeat happens to every man on this earth. You must be confident in yourself. Not every kind of person mixes well with every other kind of person. The odds are you’ll never get to know a woman if you don’t approach her and start getting to know her.