Dating Advice – 4 Mistakes All Single Women Should Avoid Doing

If you have been dating but your dates don’t end up as you were expecting, maybe there is more to it than just the clothes or the makeup you choose to wear.

dating mistakes from women

One thing is for sure and you may not even believe it at this point. The thing is that you can pass along many Mr. Rights but you end up dating with only the Mr. Wrongs. So, what’s happening? What are you doing that you’re only attracting men who don’t have the qualities that you’re looking for?

Here are 4 mistakes you should be probably doing and you don’t even realize:

You’re a good catch:

Yes, it’s true up to some point. Even though you may hear all your girlfriends telling you this all the time, the fact is that you just can’t please all men. One of the things that you can do is to write down a list stating all the reasons why a man wouldn’t want to date you. With this list, you’ll discover that some of the cute things you think you have can actually be pretty annoying. This will help you see ahead these things on the men you are dating. There are always things you like and don’t like. No one is perfect. It’s all about compromise.

You have unlimited options:

If you have in your mind that you have unlimited options, you’ll be searching for the right person for the rest of your life. Just think about some jeans you want to buy. You want that shape, that color, that length, and they are on sale. You just found what you were looking for and instead of buying those jeans you think you can find some other jeans at a different store. And you keep going to different stores and you never do. And the time keeps passing by until the moment you think “what if…?”.

You judge a lot:

One of the main complaints most men have regarding the women they date is that they tend to be very judgmental. While when you ask your girlfriends why they didn’t go on a second date they can give you dozens of reasons, men generally won’t reach the 5. When a man thinks it is time to settle down, they look at the girl and if they are in love with her, they will keep her. It doesn’t matter if the previously girl they dated was more pretty or nicer. This is the girl they chose.

You are pickier than men:

When you go on a date and you don’t actually know the guy but only know he is handsome, you may have the best or the worst surprise of your life. It’s true that beauty is an important factor. However, if he isn’t kind, you won’t ever fall in love for him. However, even if he has some weird tastes regarding music, this isn’t one reason why you shouldn’t fall in love.

As you can see, when you’re dating, there’s a lot more than just the looks that matter. Just tale a look around you and see the men who you identify with. Have a date with them. You may actually be surprised with what you find out.

Perfect Conversation Starters To Find New Friends

A feeling of loss when it comes to showcasing your eloquence of words when you are in a social meeting is something that has inundated most of us at least once in a lifetime. It is not something that you need to be ashamed of, but you need to practice in order to ensure that you never find yourself in that embarrassing situation ever again. The challenge is to find yourself looking at perfect conversation starters that enable you to make new companionship’s, find new friends and ensure that you do not face any problems while you converse with them.

If you are comfortable, then the person with you would also feel of confidence. The people around you would also feel comfortable, and this would be a ripple effect on everybody that surrounds you. One of the biggest challenges that everyone comes across in a big social setting is to develop a nervous state of mind. If they become more anxious, they become more uncomfortable with themselves, which only results in it being extremely difficult for them to sustain any type of conversation. So, as a general rule, when you happen to be in a group, always introduce yourself first. If you take the prerogative, you are more than likely to steer the conversation into a topic that you are comfortable with.

When you find yourself in a happy setting, the last thing that you would want to do is to steer the conversation into depressing topics and politics. You need to be always aware of your surroundings, so much so that if possible, you should also do some background check on the people attending the event. That way, you will be able to find out conversation starters pretty easily, and make massive improvements in your social life.

If you are not comfortable with a setting, it is very important for you to move out and go to a place that seems to be comfortable for you. For example, in a party, there are always going to be people more inclined towards drinking alcohol and listening to loud music. If you are not one of them, then simply move to a place that is a bit quieter without the presence of alcohol, and you would soon find like-minded people joining you. The worst thing that you can do is to drink alcohol at this party and try and act like you are enjoying the party. You would only end up making a fool of yourself instead of making new friends.

Try and have a staple conversation starter and memorize it in such a manner that you would be able to blurt it out at all possible places. This way, it would seem natural, and little by little, you would be able to notice the responses that you are getting to your opening conversation starter. Tweak it according to the occasion, and you might have just ended up with a pretty good opener to the conversation. Now, all you need to do is to follow it up with good responses and you might end up meeting like-minded people that genuinely like you.