Sharon and Nadine Had a One of a Kind Friendship

Is it necessary for me to be here?” Grace asked as she rubbed her eyes. It had been a sleepless night. Josh had been up 3 times last night with a belly ache and she didn’t get back to sleep after the second time he woke up. She even tried to have him just lay on his belly but the six year old didn’t like sleeping that way.

“As necessary as it is for the rest of us”, Sharon said sarcastically. Sharon was Grace’s closest friend and had been there many a time Grace needed a shoulder to cry on. Not once did Sharon chastise her to toughen up or offer some quick fix magazine advice and Grace loved her for it.

Sharon and Grace started their paperwork. They both worked for a non-profit organization that helped give needy families formula and food for the first five years of the baby’s life. It was a living.

After what seemed like 50 phone calls and not enough paperwork in the out box, they went to lunch.

The local Chinese restaurant was a couple buildings down so they went in hoping to get a quick bite to eat. Each of them ordered when the waiter came and started chatting easily.

“Listen, Sharon, I have something to tell you,” Grace said quietly. Sharon’s eyes got big and said “Just spit it out, we haven’t been friends this long for you to be this nervous about something, just let it out.”

“Okay, here it is. I’m putting in my two weeks notice today. I want to be a writer. I’ll have one extra paycheck to help with my bills but I have to do this for me. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll find some other kind of job so Leon and I can make it, I will, but I’m just over the rat race and phone calls and daycare. The hardest part is leaving you, Sharon. I need your blessing.”

Sharon had slowly digested what Grace said and a well of emotions went through her. She knew Grace wasn’t happy with her job but who was? It was unrealistic to think that making a living would provide us with happiness but she hadn’t realized how just how much it had bothered her. It was time for Grace to take a risk and it looked like writing was going to be it.

“You’re just saying that so I’ll buy lunch!” Sharon joked and the intensity of the moment passed.

The waiter served their Kung Pao Chicken and Pork Chop Suey specials and left without a word to each of them because he was so busy with orders. He did smile and nod though and that’s all that was needed from him. They both started eating happy for the distraction.

Sharon let out a deep sigh and Grace saw her eyes were glistening. “I’m going to miss you so much! she said, but you have to take your path and reach for your dream. If you need help with little Joshie you let me know okay?” Sharon said.

Grace had her blessing. Her friend had came through for her again.

Grace said, “And I’M buying, dear friend, you can buy when my first story is published!”

“Which will be about me, of course!” Sharon joked.

They both laughed, finished their lunch and headed back to work. Off to make their living.

Pet Friendship

If you’re sick, ill, handicapped, elderly or know somebody who is, this article may help you locate a creative and wholesome way to assist people that you know. Pet therapy is a wonderful way to lift the spirits of sick or elderly people. There are services that will offer this treatment but, my article is all about other methods to achieve this and ideas to acquire a pet involved in your own or others lives, to have a healing and positive effect. As a pet owner, you can do this easily.

If you have a pet, think about the people that you know that may benefit from a trip from your own pet. Establishing bonds with animals is relaxing and fun. It brings happiness and joy to a dull and long day. Taking your pet to visit is fun way to enjoy the tranquility of your pet and also to share this enchanting relationship with other people that need a grin. There’s absolutely not any limit on what kind of pet you can share. Birds, cats, fish and dogs create excellent people and are a joy to observe and interact with. Setting up an aquarium for an elderly or ill person and offering to care for it’s one way you can give a nice present of permanent pet therapy. You can apply this notion to other pets too.

Arranging pet traffic is fine and possible, even if you do not own a pet. You can borrow a pet to take. Pet visits have positive benefits and encourage healthy and happy attitudes. They can decrease tension and take the person’s mind from all the problems they are facing. Consistently schedule these visits in a good time, allow the person that you’re thinking about seeing understand that you are coming with your pet and also be sure that they have no pet allergies, pet issues or fears. Take pet treats, pet toys, cat dander, balls and whatever you may need to liven the trip up, make it exciting and enjoyable for both the pet and the person that you’re visiting. The smiles and laughter that you will get are such a big reward.

Don’t make the visits overly long, and therefore you will not tire the person that you’re visiting out. Do not see too often. Always know the pet that you’re taking, to be sure the pet is a great one to take visiting. Bring leashes, if necessary. This means grooming and bathing. This will make the experience a pleasant one. If the person you are going to should state interest in having a pet, this is fantastic, if they are able to care for one. You can help out with visiting a pet shelter or locating just the right pet companion for this individual.

Pet therapy is a wonderful way to enhance lives and have a bit of pleasure to someone who really needs it. The experience is joyful and the time spent is well worth it. Have a camera and you’re able to share pictures on each and every visit. This will provide the individual that you’re seeing a great way to remember the good time that they needed, while sharing your pet. Pets are an enjoyable way to provide people a happy and healthy connection to look forward to, without the responsibility. They will always keep in mind the experience and enjoy the attempt.

Avoid Rebound Relationships

Nothing is more tempting to assuage a wounded heart than to have a man step into the gap and pick up the pieces someone else has left behind. It does not matter if it is a marriage that has turned sour or if your steady boyfriend suddenly decided that it is time to move on. Yet did you know that these rebound relationships very rarely last, and very often they cause more heartache and pain than they actually cure? Perhaps the reason may be found in the flawed basis for the relationship, which is little more than a desperate attempt to recreate something that was lost. Women are especially vulnerable in these times, and here are some practical tips for women to recognize and avoid rebound relationships.

Have you experienced closure? Whenever a relationship ends there is quite frequently the temptation to try to let the other person down a bit easier by promising to “still be friends.” While in some cases this may work, it rarely if ever will be effective if the pain is still too close to your heart. If you find that your heart leaps in your chest every time you run across your ex, then the odds are that you have not yet reached a point of closure. In other words, you are not yet quite ready to move on and into the arms of another man.

Have you had enough time to heal? Nobody but you will be able to answer this question. Your best friend may actually try to set you up on other dates virtually within minutes of your break up with your ex, but it would be wise not to take her up on her offer. Instead, you will need to give yourself some time to not only understand exactly what went wrong, but to also acknowledge your part in the break up. Add to this the fact that you probably will notice that there were several warning signs that you might have ignored, it is wisest to take stock of your past relationship and learn to avoid similar situations in the future.

Do you once again feel comfortable being alone? Do you feel whole again? If so, you are ready to move. If, on the other hand, you are looking to fill a hole left by the last man who walked out of your life, then you are neither comfortable being alone nor feel comfortable with who you are – this means you will need to give yourself some more time.

Taking Friendship to the Next Level

Did you know that much of the success or failure of a first date is determined before you even set foot into the restaurant? It is true! Sure, you have probably heard all about the real or perceived pitfalls that may be encountered during the awkwardness that is a first date, but much of this can be dealt with at the onset, leaving you breathing easier, knowing what to expect, and even opening yourself up for some pleasant surprises!

First and foremost, does your date know he is going on a date? Granted, this sounds rather odd, but given that in today’s society friendships between the genders are not surprising and indeed becoming quite commonplace, it is not unheard of that a date might think he is simply enjoying a nice meal with his friend, while she is looking at the whole affair as a first date. Thus, it is imperative to communicate to your friend that you want to take him out on a date – especially if there has never been any kind of romance between you!

Assuming that you are the one doing the “asking out,” be prepared to pick the restaurant and also to pay the bill. Sure, you might feel awkward about paying for a date – many women do – but it is only fair for the instigator of the date to also carry the couple through financially.

Pay close attention to the way you dress. Do not wear clothes that do not fit with your usual style. For example, if you are the t-shirt and jeans kind of gal, do not suddenly break out the stiletto heels that will only cause your feet to hurt. Similarly, unless you have a usual way of risqué dressing, a first date is not the time or place for suddenly wearing something so skimpy that it will leave your date drooling. Your friend might feel very uncomfortable if he suddenly has to work hard to keep his mind out of the gutter around you.

As you can see, there are a number of steps to take before you even head out the door that will either spell success or disaster for your first date. Following this little survival guide will head off some of the biggest mistakes and reasons why a sudden sense of awkwardness sets in. So go ahead, keep it stress free and enjoy yourself! Who knows, you might be going out with Mr. Right!

Meeting Women On the Internet

For the most part the people that you meet online will be the exact people that you would meet in the local ball game or supermarket. Additionally, just as in real life there are a few negative types as well.

You ought to approach girls online the same way you approach them into actual life. They feel that the internet gives them a feeling of anonymity. The truth is that eventually you will meet this individual and you don’t want to have any awkward expectations between each other.
The amount of websites where you can meet girls online are nearly endless. There are a variety of dating sites that you could be aware of through television commercials and ads. Additionally, there are social networking sites where people are connected together into a global web of friendships, including couples, and acquaintances.

The first thing most individuals do when they visit these websites is create their own personal profile. They create a brief group of images and personal information which gives the world a snapshot of oneself. Do not forget that if the principal intention of your joining such sites would be to meet girls, then you will have to have a different profile than you would have if you were just joining the site to joke around with your friends. Women will be carrying your profile intently in deciding whether or not you are dating material.

Thus, spend a whole lot of time figuring out how you will express yourself in your own personal profile. If your goal is to meet women then there are a couple of questions to think about. What kind of woman are you looking for? How are you going to present yourself to these women? How do you say what it is you are trying to find at a woman without appearing overly fussy or having too low of standards? If you take these concerns into account when making your profile, then you’ll be heads above the male competition who just create their profiles while on their coffee break.

There are some major points to bear in mind when creating your profile. Maintain an air of positive anticipation. Some of them even give laundry lists of the failures with girls. Instead you’ll be composing your profile in a tone which implies that it is no real big deal whether you meet girls or not. Of course, you do not want to seem so apathetic that it turns girls off; you may just be letting girls know that meeting girls is not a life or death situation. This is likely to make your profile a whole lot more attractive.

Next, give a unique description of what type of woman you’re seeking. This description might not be necessary on social networking websites, but is essential when using a dating site. It is important to get a unique profile because girls want to believe that they can spot unique mans. Every girl wants to feel that her man in unique. Thus, you obviously would not want to rehash out outdated lines such as “enjoys long walks on the shore” or even “just searching for someone cool.”

On the other hand, you obviously do not wish to give your life story. It’s best to maintain a profile easy and to the stage. Most women won’t spend their time reading through pages of information. At precisely the same time most women will pass by profiles that are too limited in their range. About a page or so is all the information a woman needs to get in contact with you.
Bear in mind that girls approach dating websites with a different mindset in relation to men. Women being less physically able to defend themselves in contrast to men will likely be more cautious in their approach. Their first priority will be to meet somebody who is safe. Although it’s often said that women find men who have harmful sides, this does not signify that they re seeking out guys who might pose threats to life and limb.

Another factor to consider would be grammar and spelling. Women can be turned off by a single misspelled word. This means that they will be seeking men who are at least normally educated and intelligent to some degree. Needless to say, some girls will be seeking thug like guys who write their whole profile in slang because this is the environment they were raised in. However, to be successful with the widest assortment of girls, stick to articulate standard English, and double check and triple check your spelling and grammar. This way you also show girls that you pay attention to detail.

As you’re composing your profile maintain the topics positive and light. If you record anything that is overtly political or religious you may alienate a great deal of girls who would potentially be thinking about you and the only women who would respond are those that hold very similar ideologies. Another thing to consider is whether or not to use humor in your profile. Needless to say, you don’t want to create your profile appear boring or dry. It’s ok to bring some comedy. However, a number of men plaster their profiles with jokes and may come off as immature to girls. Most women are seeking out men who are mature and stable. Girls aren’t considering mens profiles to be entertained, they’re considering them to see whether they’re serious dating material. Thus, it is ok to add a few lines of comedy, but the rest of your profile should be on stage with girls.

As you’re completing writing your profile, then you will inevitably receive the option of what image to upload to your own profile. If you’re submitting a picture into a dating site you are going to want to present a photo which will attract the sort of girls who you’re seeking. By way of example if you are in college, and you’re seeking college age girls, you can attract such women right off the bat by sporting a piece of clothing such a hat or a shirt with your college symbols onto it. If you are the dark dressed artistic kind and you’re trying to find a similar type of woman you’d put on a dark outfit and also have an art gallery in the photos background. It isn’t completely necessary to use such photographs. You might be wearing an average outfit, standing in front of an average background, but such a photograph wouldn’t draw the sort of woman you are interested in as fast as a photograph which exhibits the fashion and environment that’s especially suited to you and the type of lady you need to attract.

As you complete your profile you may wish to spend some time looking for the profiles that women created for themselves. Since you respect and love yourself you will find women who respect and love themselves. Unfortunately, a large number of guys choose their mates according to looks first, and what else last. If you’re seeking to have casual sex with attractive women that are into the exact same thing then there is nothing wrong with that. As adults we make our own decisions weighing the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, moral or religious issues, together with our goals and desires.

But my goal is to help men achieve success with girls that aren’t only physically appealing, but who have an attractive character also. The problem is that when men date women based on appearances alone, they ultimately become jaded by their experiences with women who’s psychological or psychological problems they overlooked. It’s at this stage where guys begin to withdraw from relationships as they see girls as only causing difficulty in their lives.

Alternatively, you should seek out women who lift you up rather than pull you down together.
So, as you look over the thousands of women’s profiles you’ll be sifting through them till you get a collection of profiles that seem the best. This is only the first step as you still don’t understand what makes these women tick. As, you start contacting these women through email or instant messaging that you will start to have a clearer picture of their personas. There are a number of things to bear in mind while you reach this stage. The first one being how are you going to prepare your initial introduction.

A great rule of thumb is to keep your initial email about a paragraph in dimension. This way you provide a some information about yourself and you say what it was in her that captured your interest. A range of men make the mistake of writing their first response in a cute way or they provide a cookie cutter answer. Men often make the mistake of sending one sentence answers such as “You are pretty hot. Let’s get together sometime” or “have a look at my profile.” These answers ultimately get ignored or deleted. Instead, you ought to make your response a basic one which sends a clear and exceptional message. Mention something special that you liked about her, and give a little info about yourself. Additionally, make your response brief. Women find it strange to get long mails from guys whom they’ve never met before.

It sometimes can take as much as a couple of days or even a week to get a reply back from a girl. If you still haven’t got a response after a week has passed it’s likely that she’s not interested. On the flip side, the faster you receive a reply back the more likely that she’s interested in you. It is crucial to give women at least a couple of days to respond to a email because girls nowadays are more rigorous than ever, holding down jobs, and other responsibilities. They can check their inbox just once or twice per week.

Take note that some of the dating websites have been accused of having their employees put up fake profiles to draw unsuspecting clients. The workers are told to contact men who’s subscriptions are about to perish, so the men will repurchase some more time to utilize the website. In fact there are a lot of bogus sites where the majority of the profiles are fake, usually comprising hundreds of profiles of people claiming to be highly sexually active 19 year old ladies. Men pay money to combine these sites only to discover that they’ve been hoaxed. Therefore, it is wise to stick to only the most well known and credible relationship or social networking sites.

Above all, if you have a nice profile, you will receive no less than a few replies from real women. At this time it is possible to start sharing more private information with one another. It’s as if you met a woman out in the real world and now you are speaking to each other on the phone for the first time. You should communicate with her as if you were seated in front of each other in real life. As I pointed out before men frequently make the mistake of being too uninhibited when they are chatting with women online. Women will look more rested too, but they will nonetheless be expecting men to behave they way they should in the real world.
So, you will probably be flirting with one another from the beginning. This is setting a great tone for the future. But, overtly sexual language ought to be avoided until you know each other enough to express such things to each other. Of course, some girls like to move things faster than other women and you should follow along at precisely the exact same level as her sexual language. If the both of you already know that the purpose of your contacting each other is for casual sex then what could be said is pretty much open. However, if you are communicating for the purposes of starting a genuine relationship then more moderate language would be more inclined to smooth things forward.

There ought to be about equal connection between each other. If you really feel just like you’re performing the majority of the calling afterward it might simply mean that you are more interested in her than she’s interested in you, or it may be a sign for you to limit the amount of times you email her. Likewise, if she’s calling you ten times each day it might be a indication of desperation. It is ideal to avoid distressed women. People are desperate if they have a very low self-image and if they’re unable to appreciate themselves it will be unlikely that they will have the ability to fully love you.

It’s probably best for you to meet girls in a public location like a local coffee shop or some place that you would both find familiar. This way if things don’t work out you can certainly go your separate ways. There should be no expectation of complaining and dining on the first night. This way you are not being used as a free meal ticket. It more likely you will talk for a little while over a couple drinks or an inexpensive meal at a well known place.
At this time you leave the domain of online dating and all of the real world illustrations would apply to the rest of the relationship.

Ways Men Go About Meeting Women

Take a Cooking or Wine Class. Italian, Japanese and Thai Cooking are among the classes where men feel comfortable and women are also present. Similar interests make for great dinner partners!

Lines. It’s all in the approach. The Bank, The Dry Cleaner and The Post Office are all great places for men to meet women in an environment they are comfortable and can casually strike up a conversation.

Stores. The Women’s Department at Leading Home Improvement stores is always popular among women. Find a way to strike up a conversation. You are both there for a reason, just try to figure out what her reason is and offer assistance. Women love Men who are gentlemen.

Gourmet Club or Dinner of the Month Club. Share a meal with many, then share a meal for two. This is an easy way to meet women. There are other people there to converse with so the pressure is not focused on the two of you. It’s one of the most relaxed environments you can have for both parties.

where to meet women

On-Line Communities. Communities for networking and dating are great as long as you are looking for the right reasons and in age appropriate groups.

Dating Services. Try online dating websites and apps, and their alternatives like phone chat line dating, speed dating, etc. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the volume and options. But you are patient and don’t have much time, this a good way to try.

School. PTA Meetings, Bake Sales, The Annual School Play. Many single mothers attend these events because they are usually the one who are involved in their child’s school activities.

Dance and Language Classes. These are classes where people need partners to practice or study. Men should be aware that many single women love to learn and to take classes. It is important to take classes you would also be interested in, so that you can genuinely share similar interests.

Trains and Planes. There is plenty of down time at the airport and on a train. It is the perfect time to drum up a conversation with a woman. Take off the iPod, put down your newspaper and keep your laptop turned off so you don’t miss your fellow passengers.

Shop ‘Til You Drop. Go shopping for your favorite female (mother or sister) and see who else may be doing the same for herself. In this case, don’t offer assistance, ask for it.

Your Favorite Book Store. Browse through The Home and Gardening Section or Magazine Section, but be sure to make eye contact. Since book stores are usually quiet, the way to meet women here is first through non-verbal contact: a nod, a smile and then a hello.

How to Pick Up Women – For Men Only

Well I got your attention. I will not disappoint.

The first thing you have to do is decide to put your game together. It all starts with who you are. Why will women be attracted to you?

What are your strengths? Are you a great dancer? Do you have a great Physique? Can you sing or have great humor? You must have some quality or aspect about yourself to attract women.

pick up women

Now, more importantly what are your weaknesses or blemishes? Are you overweight? Do you have nothing to say in a conversation? Are you humorless? You need to figure out how to turn your weaknesses in to strengths. Such as your horrible voice into humor. You have to be confident with yourself to make yourself attractive to women. If you are ashamed of your weight or uncomfortable it will be difficult for you to be attractive to women. Women will overlook anything you overlook or transform into a strength.

The five most important aspects to understand about attracting women are as follows:

1. Honesty. It sounds crazy but being honest works better than some one-liner that shouts, “I’m an idiot – get away from me”. When you approach a woman be honest about your intention. Tell her you saw her, you thought she was attractive and you wanted to find out what else was there beyond her looks. A woman will respond to this approach because it is direct and confident. If she talks to you, she is interested. It is that simple. What determines how committed she becomes to pursuing it further is what you say next. Ask several questions. Don’t talk about yourself unless asked and if that happens keep it brief. This is not about you it is about her.

2. Be a Great Listener. This is not to deceive the woman but to engage her into further pursuit. Ask her questions about herself and listen to what she tells you. She will give you all the answers. If you want to pursue her further you have to understand what she wants. The answers will lead you to ask more questions which in turn shows her you are not a selfish person. If you listen it will help you determine if this woman is suited for you. It is a natural function for human beings to like and be inclined to like people that spend time getting to know about them. The more you get to know the easier it is to build a conversation. You don’t have to be a great conversationalist to achieve a great conversation. A woman will feel good about herself if you are listening and paying attention to her sincerely.

3. Have some Charm, Charisma, Wit or appropriate Humor. Listening to her answers will give you enough information to input humor or some personal charm into the conversation. The charisma comes into play by asking her to dance, or talking about her favorite books or movies that happen to be comedies,etc. Your personality counts. Try to think about her answers and how you can respond to her with further conversation based on the information she provided.

4. Adventure/Challenge. Try to get her committed to a challenge or adventure on the spot. That could be a dance contest, a singing contest, a slow dance, leaving where you are at to go watch the sun set, etc. There are so many adventure ideas. It is a good idea to prepare yourself with dozens of options based on different kinds of people. But the adventure or challenge seals the commitment. It makes them choose to spend time with you separate from their friends or comfort zone. Try not to bluntly suggest ideas that sound like you are trying to lure her away to kill her. The idea is to get her to feel comfortable with you so it presents an opportunity for you to spend some time with her. This is where charisma, charm, and humor can become great opportunities for you to get to know each other and take the discomfort away.

5. This is an odds game. I don’t mean go up to every woman you ever meet and try to pick them up. Just understand that defeat happens to every man on this earth. You must be confident in yourself. Not every kind of person mixes well with every other kind of person. The odds are you’ll never get to know a woman if you don’t approach her and start getting to know her.

Dating Advice – 4 Mistakes All Single Women Should Avoid Doing

If you have been dating but your dates don’t end up as you were expecting, maybe there is more to it than just the clothes or the makeup you choose to wear.

dating mistakes from women

One thing is for sure and you may not even believe it at this point. The thing is that you can pass along many Mr. Rights but you end up dating with only the Mr. Wrongs. So, what’s happening? What are you doing that you’re only attracting men who don’t have the qualities that you’re looking for?

Here are 4 mistakes you should be probably doing and you don’t even realize:

You’re a good catch:

Yes, it’s true up to some point. Even though you may hear all your girlfriends telling you this all the time, the fact is that you just can’t please all men. One of the things that you can do is to write down a list stating all the reasons why a man wouldn’t want to date you. With this list, you’ll discover that some of the cute things you think you have can actually be pretty annoying. This will help you see ahead these things on the men you are dating. There are always things you like and don’t like. No one is perfect. It’s all about compromise.

You have unlimited options:

If you have in your mind that you have unlimited options, you’ll be searching for the right person for the rest of your life. Just think about some jeans you want to buy. You want that shape, that color, that length, and they are on sale. You just found what you were looking for and instead of buying those jeans you think you can find some other jeans at a different store. And you keep going to different stores and you never do. And the time keeps passing by until the moment you think “what if…?”.

You judge a lot:

One of the main complaints most men have regarding the women they date is that they tend to be very judgmental. While when you ask your girlfriends why they didn’t go on a second date they can give you dozens of reasons, men generally won’t reach the 5. When a man thinks it is time to settle down, they look at the girl and if they are in love with her, they will keep her. It doesn’t matter if the previously girl they dated was more pretty or nicer. This is the girl they chose.

You are pickier than men:

When you go on a date and you don’t actually know the guy but only know he is handsome, you may have the best or the worst surprise of your life. It’s true that beauty is an important factor. However, if he isn’t kind, you won’t ever fall in love for him. However, even if he has some weird tastes regarding music, this isn’t one reason why you shouldn’t fall in love.

As you can see, when you’re dating, there’s a lot more than just the looks that matter. Just tale a look around you and see the men who you identify with. Have a date with them. You may actually be surprised with what you find out.

How Can You Make New Friendships In Facebook?

Facebook, one of those glorious social media websites that connects millions of people across the world with their loved ones has been able to morph itself from a simple social networking website into a business complement it. They have taken bold approaches towards the introduction of new and available Internet facilities across the world, and have also worked with a lot of non-government organizations to provide funding relief to the people in need. However, Facebook has also become a breeding ground for people that would want to make new friendships, albeit in the proper manner.

Facebook has a wonderful search function that enables you to search for long lost friends that have their own profiles in the website. After all, these are people that would simply want to keep in contact with their relatives and friends, and you might simply end up coming across your long lost friend. Of course, these are stories that you hear which turns out for the better. There are also a lot of creepy stories about Facebook stalkers, looking at pictures of girls, commenting on them, and trying to creep them out in the worst manner possible. That also presents a hazard for the people looking to make new friendships with Facebook.

So, here are a few guidelines that enable you to make proper friendships through Facebook;

  1. Always try and come off as a social person. If you have just the one picture in your profile, with only a few friends, chances are that nobody in Facebook that meets you for the first time would try and think of you as a potential friend. They would think of you as a loner, a person that is simply looking to make online friendships with no intention of carrying it out in real life.
  2. Do not to be a creep. It is imperative for you to give a few greetings and social messages to the person you are interested in making a friend. However, to overdo it to the point that you are simply stalking the person is not going to help you in your journey to make new friends. Rather, it would fast forward you to getting your account banned pretty easily. Moreover, if you become persistent in your journey to continuously creep out that person, you might be reported to the authorities as well. So, this is a strict no-no.
  3. When using Facebook, ensure that you do not press on the point when a person is not interested in any new friendships. After all, there are millions of people in Facebook, so why simply concentrate on a person that is not willing to consider you as a potential friend? So, desist from coming across as a person that is very desperate, and instead prefer to look into using that platform to graciously walk off from that conversation in case it does not go your way.

By simply following the steps, making friends on Facebook should be a breeze for you.

Perfect Conversation Starters To Find New Friends

A feeling of loss when it comes to showcasing your eloquence of words when you are in a social meeting is something that has inundated most of us at least once in a lifetime. It is not something that you need to be ashamed of, but you need to practice in order to ensure that you never find yourself in that embarrassing situation ever again. The challenge is to find yourself looking at perfect conversation starters that enable you to make new companionship’s, find new friends and ensure that you do not face any problems while you converse with them.

If you are comfortable, then the person with you would also feel of confidence. The people around you would also feel comfortable, and this would be a ripple effect on everybody that surrounds you. One of the biggest challenges that everyone comes across in a big social setting is to develop a nervous state of mind. If they become more anxious, they become more uncomfortable with themselves, which only results in it being extremely difficult for them to sustain any type of conversation. So, as a general rule, when you happen to be in a group, always introduce yourself first. If you take the prerogative, you are more than likely to steer the conversation into a topic that you are comfortable with.

When you find yourself in a happy setting, the last thing that you would want to do is to steer the conversation into depressing topics and politics. You need to be always aware of your surroundings, so much so that if possible, you should also do some background check on the people attending the event. That way, you will be able to find out conversation starters pretty easily, and make massive improvements in your social life.

If you are not comfortable with a setting, it is very important for you to move out and go to a place that seems to be comfortable for you. For example, in a party, there are always going to be people more inclined towards drinking alcohol and listening to loud music. If you are not one of them, then simply move to a place that is a bit quieter without the presence of alcohol, and you would soon find like-minded people joining you. The worst thing that you can do is to drink alcohol at this party and try and act like you are enjoying the party. You would only end up making a fool of yourself instead of making new friends.

Try and have a staple conversation starter and memorize it in such a manner that you would be able to blurt it out at all possible places. This way, it would seem natural, and little by little, you would be able to notice the responses that you are getting to your opening conversation starter. Tweak it according to the occasion, and you might have just ended up with a pretty good opener to the conversation. Now, all you need to do is to follow it up with good responses and you might end up meeting like-minded people that genuinely like you.